Blueprints are available for $295. Blueprints will be shipped overnight (shipping is included) and will include 5 sets. Please call us at 800-98-CEDAR (800-982-3327) if you are interested in ordering blueprints.

Above is a slide show that represents our blueprints. Although some plans may have more or fewer pages, you can expect this type of detail with every set of plans we offer.

Blueprints include:

Front, Rear & Side Elevations
1/4″ scale, shows the home from all four sides, includes exterior details, roof pitches, door and window locations, skylights (if applicable).

Main and Upper Floor Plans (Basement Floor Plan as applicable)
1/4″ scale, fully dimensioned, interior wall layouts, plumbing locations, door and window sizes and locations, door and window schedules, plan specific notes.

Foundation Plan
1/4″ scale, fully dimensioned, poured concrete wall crawlspace or basement foundation, interior bearing pads and or footings, deck bearing pads and locations as required, connecting hardware specified, steel reinforcing (rebar) location and sizes, applicable foundation details and notes.

Floor & Deck Framing
1/4″ scale, fully dimensioned, floor joist and girder layouts, stair openings (if applicable), blocking and framing details, deck joist and girder layouts, connecting hardware specified, applicable framing details and notes.

Beam Plans
1/4″ scale, glue laminated loft and roof beam sizes and layouts, structural fasteners and hangers specified, applicable details and notes.

Electrical Plans
1/4″ scale, interior and exterior lighting locations, switch placements, outlet locations, smoke alarms, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, ground-fault interrupt outlet locations.

Building Section & Details
3/8″ scale, cross section of home interior showing relative heights, structural members, stair details, applicable building details and notes.

Building Details
Various building details, framing details as required, steel plate sizes and locations.